“PIK” LLC was founded in 2007 and since then is engaged in the production of complex organic fertilizer “vermicompost” for all kinds of plants, from flowers and lawn grasses to agricultural crops. We produce a high-quality product using cattle manure in the form of raw materials. All the products of our company meet the highest requirements for the quality of fertilizers, and are in demand among farmers, gardeners and truck farmers.

The production is located in one of the most colorful regions of Russia, the Republic of Dagestan, near the city of Makhachkala. “PIK” LLC is the only company in our region (the Republic of Dagestan), which produces organic fertilizer. We are seriously interested in both ecology and the health of the people around us. In our opinion, we are engaged in an important business, since the production of organic fertilizer is subsequently a quality, environmentally friendly, healthy product on our table.

The slogan of our company is “eat and grow only organic”.