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Vermicompost (Biohumus)

Vermicompost – humus organic fertilizer received by processing manure compost with help of worms (Red Wrigglers) where worms turn manure compost into a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer – worm manure!

Vermicompost positively effects processes of seed germination and promotes more intensive growth of plants. This fertilizer protects a germinating crop from illnesses, while bioactive substances stimulate development of the root system and matter intake, so the plant grows stronger, more resistant to disease and pests. Also, the plants become more patient of unfavourable meteorological conditions and more resistant to low temperatures and droughts. In addition, vermicompost improves soil structure and moisture regime without degrading humus layer, unlike in cases when mineral fertilizers are used. All this contributes to extra yield and higher quality of crops, fruits, fodder and vegetables.

Vermicompost is a granule material of the blacks-brown colour. It contains a complex of the necessary nutritious substances and trace elements, ferments, soil germs, humic things, vitamins. That is also a microbiological fertilizer with a unique community of microorganisms creating the soil fertility. Vermicompost doesn’t consist of pathogenic germs, eggs, cocoons of parasites and plant pests. This fertilizer is easy of digestion by plants during the whole cycle of its development.

Vermicompost is used as the main organic fertilizer in planting, additional fertilizing of all kinds of agricultural specimen, in forestry, floriculture and in the cases of soil revegetation. Vermicompost can be added to an open ground since early spring to late autumn. It is an organic fertilizer of a prolonged operation. Its efficiency in the soil near 4 years. Besides, vermicompost can be used to bight the insects. To prevent the plants from insects vermicompost is placed on the soil either round the plants or made a kind of water extract.
Vermicompost is effective against insects within 6 months. It quickly restores the natural soil fertility, reforms its structure.